JLPT Test Preparation Lessons


JLPT Test Preparation Lessons

JLPT stands for Japanese Language Proficiency Test and it tests one's Japanese skills. The five levels range from level five ("N1") to level one ("N5").Nihongo Noryoku Shiken ( ) is the Japanese name for JLPT test. Consider the JLPT level, which a candidate needs to pass and then prepare according to the JLPT level.

JLPT Levels

Earlier, the Japanese Language Proficiency Test just had 4 different levels. However, given the recent changes in the language test, there is an additional level in JLPT. These levels are (N5, N4, N3, N2, and N1) and the applicant can choose the level that they want to take.

The JLPT level of difficulty and the requirement to pass it vary according to the number of grammar patterns, kanji, and vocabulary words that are required from a student when he or she is expected to pass the exam.

  • — N5 : 100 kanji, 800 Vocabulary Words
  • — N4 : 300 Kanji, 1500 Vocabulary Words
  • — N3 : 650 Kanji, 3700 Vocabulary Words
  • — N2 : 1000 Kanji, 6000 Vocabulary Words
  • — N1 : 2000 Kanji, 10000 Vocabulary Words

Students can refer websites such as tanos.co.uk to find kanji online, vocabulary and other grammatical points that would be helpful in preparing for JLPT test.

Benefits of JLPT

Determines Study goals - Many individuals who are studying independently find studying for certain levels of the JLPT a convenient way of determining what further study aims and sets goals for themselves. Setting a study goal is useful for candidate even if the candidate does not want to take the JLPT test. Let’s say if candidate is unsure about grammar, then they should be focusing on next? They can check an appropriate JLPT grammar list. Therefore, choosing a JLPT level adds determination and focus to achieve your Japanese language learning goals.

Improves Resume

JLPT, especially high-level courses including N3 and above can be a good value addition to your resume. It will show your prospective employer or business prospects a certain degree of Japanese knowledge and discuss your knowledge as proof of proficiency.

Improves school and university applications

While applying for schools or universities, you can use JLPT certificates in your applications to showcase your Japanese language skills and how well you can communicate in the Japanese language. There are many universities in Japan which want to have a top JLPT score for applicants. If you are proficient in the Japanese language and there is a JLPT report to prove it, there is no doubt that it can add a little flair to your college and university application in Japan. There are few best schools in Japan to provide classes or training for JLPT exams.