Valiant Student Testimonials


Satisfied Students

What Our Students Say About Valiant. At Valiant Language School in Tokyo, we strive to put all our student's needs first. Over the years we have had the honor of teaching a wide range of professionals working in Japan and help ambitious students achieve their goals. Here is just a short list of testimonials from actual Valiant students who have studied Japanese with us.

  • "It was a very good experience to be at the Valiant Family. Thank you very much to my Sensei. Now I can speak Japanese in just 3 months. And for Miwa-san, you are a cool person. Thank you so much for taking care of me while I studied at your school."

    — Jordan Y.
  • "It was pleasant and also challenging. The teachers were unique and carried out their classes differently. Some were easy going and some were strict. I benefited from both. I felt motivated and not overwhelmed. The private lesson schedule was especially helpful."

    — Jamie S.
  • "After a few lessons I was able to speak with more confidence. This class helped me with my job hunting in Japan, I managed to get the job I wanted. It was really helpful. I recommend this school to anyone who is motivated to learn Japanese quickly."

    — Victor L.
  • "I found the school excellent. The staff was friendly and the lessons well structured. I would totally recommend Valiant Language School."

    — Phillip F.
  • "Friendly teachers, never felt bored are wanting to leave the class. I wish I was here next year to learn more."

    — Pierre L.
  • "It was great, teachers and classmates. All are kind and nice. Class was engaging as well."

    — Min W.
  • "I found all three teachers to be flexible, accommodating, and enthusiastic. I enjoyed the lessons and feel confident my Japanese has improved a lot. I appreciate that everyone was willing to support my chosen lesson format."

    — Juanita D.
  • "Great. The text book was a good level for me. The lessons that focused on conversation and were not boring. Perhaps more conversation would help, but overall, the class was very helpful."

    — Angela H.
  • "I really enjoyed my lessons at Valiant. The teachers and lessons were varied and interesting. It was also great learning in a small group. We were able to learn from each other as well."

    — Melissa M.