FREE Trial Japanese Lessons

Free Trial

Japanese Lessons

We are holding FREE Japanese lessons all week long from Monday to Saturday and for anyone to come! Please contact us for details. The lessons will cover random topics, not specifically designed as a program but the idea is to get the people to feel the quality of our lessons. It will be fun, interesting and somewhat challenging.

There are two different free Japanese lessons. One for beginners and one for intermediate level students of Japanese. Valiant strives to create effective, enjoyable classes to help students learn both the language and the culture of Japan.

Our trial lessons are 1 hour to 1.5 hours long and they can be arranged every weekday. Trial lessons are also available all day on Saturday.

Free Japanese Trial Lesson Details:

  • — Basic conversation
  • — Hiragana / Katakana
  • — Kanji
  • — Keigo
  • — Vocabulary
  • — And more...

We are open every day except Sunday from 10:30 am to schedule a free trial lesson.

*We are not a non-profit organization and we do not offer any free courses that can be attended on a regular basis.

Free Trial