Valiant Language School FAQ


Friendly Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions about Valiant are listed below.
If you want to ask another question, please contact us.

Where is your school?

We are located about 5 minutes from exit 2 of Roppongi Station exiting the Hibiya Line and 7 minutes from Roppongi station exit 4B (Oedo Line). Near the Nishi-Azabu crossing by Gonpachi.

Open on weekends?

Yes only on Saturdays, except national holidays. We are closed on Sundays. Trial lessons run on Saturdays.

Are the teachers qualified?

Yes, we employ some of the most prestigious teachers who have an extensive experience in Japanese language. Some have taught at Waseda University and overseas for years.

Is the school intensive?

Our school’s group lesson runs two 1.5~2 hour lessons a week and the less intensive course is one class a week. Private lessons are customized to your needs so the students can come and book a lesson anytime.

When does the school open?

The school opens at 10:00, lessons usually run from 11am and run all day until the evening classes which starts around 18:30~19:30.

How long is the course?

The length of the courses are up to the students, our group lesson courses start from 1 month, but longer courses are 3 months and 6 months. The fee gets cheaper as you enroll in longer plans.

What text books do you use?

We have over 100+ kinds of text books, students taking the group lessons will use various books such as Minnano Nihongo to improve different academic areas.

Corporate clients?

Yes we supply teachers for off-site teachings to companies and offices to suit their needs.

What if you have never studied Japanese?

This will not be a problem, our courses can fulfil the needs of absolute beginners up to near native speakers.