Private Japanese Lessons


Private Japanese Lessons

The private lessons are aimed to teach business conversation, day-to-day conversation, keigo, hiragana, katakana, kanji characters and more. We will tailor the lesson contents to suit your particular needs. The student may choose which text books to use also. We will make sure we assess and know the student's level of understanding in Japanese and make sure it satisfies the student's goals and make best possible results.

Teacher teaching private Japanese lessons on a whiteboard

An interview is done with the student at the beginning to find out their level of Japanese and what they would like to achieve, then a suitable schedule will be set up. The location of lessons taking place is usually at the school but the teacher can be sent to your office or home to provide you with private lessons. Valiant Japanese private lessons can offer assistance with resume, CV writing, reading Japanese emails, interview practice, and more.


Why Choose our Private Japanese Lesson / Course?

Realize your business or personal dreams in Japan with private language lessons that set you up for success.

Our private Japanese courses are available in-person at our campus, online, or if requested in-person at your office or home. Designed to elevate your Japanese language learning experience, our private lessons begin with an interview to better understand your language level and specific motivations for learning Japanese. Whether they are business, education or lifestyle related, Valiant Japanese Language school will create a customized course to help you achieve your goals.

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At a Glance :

  • — Professional, accredited, native Japanese teachers
  • — Private setting to allow for customized learning
  • — Classes can take place on campus, online, or alternatively, at your home or office
  • — Learn Japanese for business, qualifications, or day-to-day life (including Keigo, katakana, hiragana and some kanji)
  • — Flexible class schedules that can accommodate your changing plans
  • — Business Japanese for professionals, designed to teach manners as well as business spoken and written language

One-on-One Learning Experience With Private Japanese Lessons

Are you considering learning the Japanese language? Assistance in achieving your goals is provided by Valiant Language School for beginners and experts alike. Our Private Japanese lessonscan be made to fit per your level, goals, schedule and preferences with our experienced teachers.

Students learning online private Japanese lessons

We deliver both in-person and online according to your distinctive needs. From reviewing materials to teaching business Japanese, we provide comprehensive support. We offer counselling before lessons to aid in selecting textbooks and determining lesson times and durations.

You can progress your Japanese learning more efficientlyby taking ourprivate Japanese lessons when studying with our highly experienced teachers.

Additionally, for those who know Japanese moderately well, our courses offer can help refine your communication abilities further. We are committed at Valiant Language School to helping you attain your aspirations. What are you waiting around for? Commence your private Japanese lessons today!

Learn Japanese the Right Way with Valiant Language School

Students are watching the whiteboard to learn Japanese lessons

We focus on delivering Japanese language classes for children. We realize that every child learns at a unique rate and method. Therefore, we customise our course to suit each student. Our experienced instructors will evaluate your child's proficiency level in Japanese. Subsequently, a comprehensive curriculum will be crafted to meet their individual needs and goals. Through our private Japanese lessons, your child can concentrate specifically on Japanese vocabulary, kanji characters and pronunciation whilst reading and writing. Our tutors will also produce amusing and educational tasks to seize your little one's concentration and promote their adoration for learning. Our experienced teachers incorporate fun and engaging games into the lesson to help not only learn with attention but entertain the students as well to maintain interest.

We comprehend that the learning necessities of your child might vary as time goes by. Accordingly, we give room for modifications and alterations in the curriculum. Our teachers are committed to be patient, engaging and create a fun learning atmosphere for your child. Contact us today without hesitation if you require additional information. Start your child's Japanese language journey today.


  • Structured Lessons
  • Flexible Lessons
  • Individual Attention
  • Careful Explanation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is private lessons only for one person?

Yes it is aimed for one-on-one.

Can I study Business Japanese?

Yes we offer business Japanese lessons only by private lessons.

Is there any cancellation policy?

Yes you must cancel 24 hours or before, in order to avoid automatic late cancellation or consumption of the scheduled slot. This includes last-minute postponement.

Can I change the teacher if I want to explore options?

Yes you can request this anytime.

How long are each lessons?

You can book the lessons starting from 60 minutes and longer up to 2 hours per session or longer.

Can I take the lesson online?

Yes we offer the lessons by Zoom if requested.

Can you send a teacher to my office or home?

Yes we offer off-site lessons, for more information please visit HERE.