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John-san – an American student at Valiant

Imagine arriving in a foreign country where you can’t communicate with the locals due to a language barrier. It can be a daunting experience, but with determination and with the right teacher and learning method, incredible transformations are possible. Meet John, an ambitious individual who embarked on an extraordinary journey in Japan, overcoming language barriers […]

Why Private Japanese Lessons Can Help You Achieve Your Language Goals?

If you’re interested in learning business Japanese, and become more competent Japanese speaker at your workplace, taking normal general Japanese class might be insufficient. While advanced level Japanese class such as N3 to N1 will definitely assist you in understanding conversations much easier, your competence in leading a team to better corporate performance or leaving […]

What are Japanese particles?

Particles are referred to as 助詞”joshi” or てにをは”tenioha” in Japanese. In a Japanese phrase, these one-syllable building components come following a noun, verb, or adjective. Each of these words is modified by them, reflecting the word’s function in the sentence. The main Japanese particles, their functions, and their appropriate applications will all be covered in […]

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