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Valiant Language School

Top Japanese School In Tokyo

Start your Japanese language journey today! At Valiant Language School, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive Japanese courses proven to advance your learning.

When you choose Valiant, you are prioritizing :

  • — Experienced, professional, and fully accredited teachers
  • — small class sizes for an intimate experience
  • — Customized, flexible lessons to accommodate your work and lifestyle needs (Group, Private, in-person or online, 7 days a week)
  • — Unique and efficient in-house methodology that prepares students for specific qualifications, business negotiations, and everyday interactions
  • — Our JLPT preparation courses have high passing rate
  • — Optimal results in the shortest amount of time

Join our growing community of business professionals, university students, corporate trainees, diplomats, family members, working expats, teachers, spouses, and other adult students of Japanese with various cultural backgrounds.

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Beginner Japanese Lessons

Message from Yui

Hello my name is Yui from Nagoya. Are you looking to improve your Japanese language? I’m a Japanese teacher at Valiant Language School. I have completed the Japanese Language Advanced Teaching course and obtained the Japanese Language Teaching Competency qualification. I have been teaching beginner to advanced levels in Japanese as well as JLPT levels.

If you are motivated to learn or are struggling to learn, I would be glad to help you improve your conversational skills. Please contact us so we can get started.

Book Overview

Japanese Language School

Super Real Japanese

If you've been studying or speaking Japanese for awhile, you may have noticed that the Japanese language used in textbooks and classrooms can be quite different from the language spoken by native Japanese speakers in everyday situations. This is where "Super Real Japanese," a newly published book by Valiant Japanese Language School, can come in handy.

"Super Real Japanese" is a 208-page book that compiles a wide range of practical Japanese phrases and expressions commonly used by native speakers. Unlike traditional textbooks, this book focuses on everyday language that is often omitted from formal language education, such as slang, idiomatic expressions, and colloquialisms.

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Japanese Classes

Japanese Classes Group Lessons
Japanese Classes
Study With the Group
  • Our intensive Japanese face-to-face group lessons are not only about learning to read, write and listen in Japanese quickly: you will also receive accent training and build confidence practicing your Japanese in a safe group environment...

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Private Lessons Private Lessons
Individual Focus
Individual Focus
  • Our private Japanese lessons are designed to help you succeed with your specific goals. Whether you would like to focus on business conversation or day-to-day interactions, you’ll learn keigo, hiragana, katakana, kanji characters and more...

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Business Japanese Business Japanese
Beginner Japanese Lessons
Skill Development
  • Helping students to improve their business Japanese so that they can conduct formal communication in and out of the office. Practice writing, presentations and interviews in various business settings. Private lessons only*...

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Online Lessons Online Lessons
Distant Learning
Distant Learning
  • For those who travel ofthen, distant learning becomes key in modern education therefore we implemented online lessons using Zoom platform...

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All Courses

WHY Valiant?

Study Japanese the Valiant way : Taught by Experienced Japanese Language Teachers

Our custom made Japanese course put a strong emphasis on your conversational Japanese skills for casual and professional conversations. We make sure our native Japanese teachers are well trained and drilled in delivering the best learning experience for our learners.

Flexible Start Dates & Lesson Plan

Usually you can join our courses any time. We regularly start new Japanese courses so you can join them or an existing one anytime depending on your level. Group lessons are generally in the evenings but some run in the mornings. Business Japanese or JLPT preparation courses — all depending on your time, learning preference and study goals.

Online Lessons

Learn Japanese in a small class or privately and gain confidence in speaking. Connect with international students from all over the world. Our small online Japanese class is interactive and just as effective. We recommend private lessons if you would like flexibility and efficiently run lessons.

Group Intensive Lesson

The Group Intensive Japanese Course can help you master the Japanese language in a very fast manner. This course focuses on speaking, pronunciation, listening, reading and writing. The focus is on improving your ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

Learn Japanese privately

Learn Japanese Today:
Get Started with Hiragana and Katakana

Are you set to acquire knowledge of Japanese? We know that starting to study Japanese can seem daunting. Our beginner Japanese lessons make it much easier! Learning Japanese basics can be effortlessly done from the comfort of your home with ouronline courses or at the school in-person. Learning Japanese with our Hiragana and Katakana lessons is done by following a structured process that covers reading and writing.

Additionally, they lay the groundwork for your language-learning expedition. It is easy to follow and fun to understand our Japanese lesson courses. Also, you can start speaking Japanese with confidence without delay. Beginners to advanced speakers can benefit from our courses. Beginning with our Hiragana and Katakana courses can help you establish a foundation before moving on to proceed to our comprehensive Japanese course once you are ready. Let our experienced instructors guide you in gaining a deep understanding of the language - covering grammar, vocabulary and cultural insights.

Learn Japanese with
our experts at Valiant Language School

We offer a complete learning experience at Valiant Language School. Furthermore, our approach facilitates students to learn Japanese in an conversationalstyle. We have an interactive and engaging atmosphere, our knowledgeable instructors help the students understand the nuances of language and culture. In our lessons, we cover Japanese speaking, writing, and reading along with the traditional Japanese alphabet and writing systems such as Kanji.

Learn Japanese with  expert teachers

Our courses are formulated to be succinct, allowing students to make speedy and effective progress. Our AI-powered vocabulary and grammar review tools aid students in swiftly memorizing new words and phrases with ease. They can efficiently better their language proficiency as well. In addition, practising with native Japanese speakers who are part of our community can help our students enhance their language capabilities. This assists them in acquiring assurance and improving fluency with the language.

We believe that learning a language should be enjoyable and accessible at Valiant Language School. Our online Japanese classes enable everyone to learn from home with ease and comfortably. Don't waste any time, and immediately commence your path to Japanese fluency by joining Valiant Language School - the premier Japanese school in Tokyo.


Client Reviews

Based on 435 Ratings — Google Reviews

"It was a very good experience to be at the Valiant Family. Thank you very much to my Sensei. Now I can speak Japanese in just 3 months. And for Miwa-san, you are a cool person. Thank you so much for taking care of me while I studied at your school." Jordan Y.

"It was pleasant and also challenging. The teachers were unique and carried out their classes differently. Some were easy going and some were strict. I benefited from both. I felt motivated and not overwhelmed. The private lesson schedule was especially helpful." Jamie S.

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Why valient

why choose us

  • Learn Japanese Learn Japanese

    Learn Japanese at one of the finest Language Schools in Tokyo

  • Language Schools in Tokyo No Hidden Costs

    No registration fees or special hidden costs at our language school

  • Language Schools in Tokyo Individual Attention

    1-on-1 private lessons catered to your specific learning needs

  • Valiant Japanese Language School Native Japanese Teachers

    The teachers at Valiant Japanese Language School are industry professionals and draw on years of experience and expertise to deliver lessons that ensure optimal learning for each student.

  • Valiant Japanese Language School JLPT Preparation

    Our teachers are trained to teach JLPT preparation course. Our students reach passing grade regularly.

  • Valiant Japanese Language School Focus on Conversation

    By utilizing a comprehensive, in-house approach and innovative tools our teachers are fully prepared to enhance your speaking ability.

Study Japanese at Valiant

Top 50 YouTube Channels in 2022 to Learn Japanese

Study Japanese at Valiant

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Valiant School Video
This new HD video promo is all about our Japanese School in Tokyo...

JLPT Courses

JLPT Courses
Valiant Language School offers JLPT courses N1 to N5 in Roppingi...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your school located?

Roppongi in Minatoku Tokyo.

What are your opening hours?

8 am to 8 pm

Do you offer student VISA?

NO, you must seek assistance from your local Japanese consulate or embassy for more information.

Are we open during Weekends?

We are open both on Saturday and Sunday.

Are all our teachers native Japanese speakers?

Yes all of our teachers are normal native Japanese who have completed the teaching academy and has at least 2 years of teaching experience.

Can you send a teacher to my office or home?

Yes we offer off-site lessons, for more information please visit HERE.

Do you offer JLPT Preparation classes?

Yes we offer them in both group or private lessons.

Can I pay for the lessons using a credit card?

Yes our payment methods are, cash or credit card payment at school, or by online payment by a link sent in email, or by bank transfer at a set date of the month.

Can I get a discount if I join with friends?

Yes this is available, please contact us for details.

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